BLACK KNIGHT – Teaser Trailer | Kit Harington Returns As Dane Whitman | Marvel Studios (HD) Disney+


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Kit Harington says he’s waiting on Marvel to call him about his future as Black Knight. Last year, Harington traded out his Game of Thrones sword for… another sword as he joined the MCU in the pivotal role of Dane Whitman. He starred in Eternals, Chloé Zhao’s somewhat divisive godly epic that arrived in theaters in November. Harington’s Dane was among the few human characters in the film; much of Eternals instead focused on the titular cosmic beings who were sent to Earth thousands of years ago to protect humanity from the Deviants.

Overall, Harington’s role in Eternals is rather small. As the boyfriend of Sersi (Gemma Chan), he ends up sitting out for much of the movie’s action, only popping up occasionally to provide support. It’s the second of Eternals’ two end-credit scenes that gives Dane his due by setting up his future within the MCU. In the scene, Dane receives a special sword that, while not named, is the Ebony Blade from the comics. This, along with a brief vocal appearance from Mahershala Ali’s Blade, sets up Harington’s future as the MCU’s Black Knight.

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