Best Jason Statham Movies, Ranked

This Brit made a name starring in Snatch, and has been able to work his way up to becoming a certified action superstar.

Jason Statham started out as a competitive diver for many years, which then moved his career into modeling and music videos. After that, his resume filled up with a variety of acting credits as a thief, tough guy, and traitors that made him a household name for action movies. Statham has had quite a few supporting roles in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Expendables 2, and The Italian Job which get the honor to be mentioned, but unfortunately do not make the list.

Statham has established himself as an action star like some of the greats before him, like Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is able to star in big blockbusters franchises as well as low-budget films, and even comedies that show off his lighter side. It also helps that he has established an ongoing working relationship with Guy Ritchie, which has helped him land roles as the British tough guy in roles like The Transporter and Ghosts of Mars. Here are the best Jason Statham movies, ranked.

The Meg has Statham versus a shark, which is a combination audiences didn’t know they wanted. He plays Jonas Taylor, who is a disgraced Naval Captain that lost his submarine crew to a mysterious creature. So, when the shark of legends, the megaladon, starts terrorizing an underwater research facility, Jonas is asked to save the inhabitants. Statham brings some cheeky charm to an otherwise B-list summer blockbuster movie, and proves that he can be in an action film that’s not based on crime or espionage. Fans of The Meg can look forward to a sequel film being released: The Meg 2: The Trench.

Statham first entered the Fast & Furious franchise at the end of the sixth movie in the end-credit scene as Deckard Shaw. Since then, he has gone on to do two more films as well as the spin-off Hobbs & Shaw. Shaw teams up with Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to take down the techno-terrorist Brixton, who is played by Idris Elba. New York Times says the spin-off on these to characters was a good move since they have great on-screen chemistry. It also gave fans of the franchise a kind of old school buddy cop movie.

H is a security guard for an armored cash transportation company, who has very little information known about him in the crime thriller, Wrath of Man. As an attempted robbery goes down on one of the trucks, H shows off his skills as a marksman and makes everyone on the crew wonder what he’s doing working there. The movie has some exciting scenes, especially the shootout at the end showing Statham’s level of intensity as he plays out H’s moment of truth.

Fast & Furious 6 gave an end-credit scene showing the death of a beloved character and the introduction to Statham’s character Shaw. Furious 7 follows Shaw, who wants to get revenge on Toretto’s crew after they put his little brother in the hospital. The movie is Shaw’s revenge plot and how Dom and Brian are going to stop him before he hurts anyone else in their family. Fans of Statham have seen him play the villain before, but putting the element of doing this because of what happened to his brother lends a new depth to his character.

The elite assassin genre is one of the Statham’s fans favorites that he’s in. The Mechanic is a thriller remake of the 1972 film centered around a hired gun who makes his hits look like accidents. This is a perfect film for Statham’s talents, and when paired with the hotheaded trainee Ben Foster, he radiates the cool that the character needs.The plot twists in the movie were rather predictable, but with the loaded cast and exciting fight scenes, it was a fun ride.

Guy Ritchie uses a strong ensemble cast of British actors and Brad Pitt, who was one of Hollywood’s biggest star during this movie’s release. Snatch is about Britain’s criminal landscape and features a large cast with overlapping stories. A fighter in a fixed underground boxing match is taken captive after being incapacitated in a fight. A crime lord blames the lost of his investment on two low ranking crooks played by Statham and Stephen Graham. Statham holds this film together through this giant cast and gives the audience a way into the underground world of fighting and various plot-lines.

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