Avengers Endgame Female Cast Real Life

Admit it, with a captain Marvel, Avengers Endgame has reached the strongest Girl Power ever. Who are these MCU women and what do we know about their real life partners? Brie Larson Carol Danvers for 5 years was in a relationship with a lead singer of the band Phantom Panet Alex Greenwald. We last saw them together as a couple publicly on the Avengers: Infinity War red carpet. We have some expectations that Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow and Chris Evans aka Captain America have more than just friendship, but recently we have known that she engaged with host Colin Jost.

Gwyneth Paltrow aka Pepper Potts loves to spend a family vacation with her kids, her husband and her ex-husband! Though it is hard to open up the personal life of Karen Gillan aka Nebula, who is best known for playing Amy Pond in the British sci-fi network show Doctor Who. Actress Zoe Saldana aka Gamora is a happily married woman. She tied the knot with Marco Perego over 6 years ago. Pom Klementieff is a bold and beautiful French actress who has made a memorable impression as Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Her character is very unusual although her life story even more so. Elizabeth Olsen aka Scarlet Witch is in the relationship with her musician boyfriend Robbie Arnett.

Though Marvel fans know Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp, Some of the fans still recall to her as to Kate from once popular TV series Lost. And what about our brainy sis Shuri of the Black Panther? Letitia Wright is having a blissful time, just receiving the BAFTA Rising Star Award. Fans probably still remember Danai Gurira aka Okoye from her impressive katana-wielding scenes in the Walking Dead show. Recently Tess Thompson aka Valkyrie publicly announced that she is bisexual.


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