AVENGERS 5: SECRET WARS (2023) Teaser Trailer Concept | Marvel Movie [HD]


What Is Secret Wars?
The title has been used for more than one tale, with some vastly different than those before. The original one in 1984 involved a cosmic being named The Beyonder teleporting Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains into a place called Battleworld to face off against each other for all of their dreams and desires to come true.

Secret Wars is the perfect place for occurrences like that. The entire concept lends itself to strange recreations of the heroes and stories viewers know—the creatives could literally make anything and anyone possible.

This opens the door to returning visitors like Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield, it can provide an easy way to see Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans once again, or even bring to life worlds where completely different MCU events occurred. It’s a hard story to pass up. No matter what, whether it’s the next event or not, it’s difficult to imagine a universe where Marvel doesn’t adapt Secret Wars.

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