AVATAR 2 (2022) EXCLUSIVE TRAILER | 20th Century Fox | Disney+ Concept

New concept art from multi-Oscar-winning filmmaker James Cameron’s Avatar 2 shows off a stormy Pandoran sea. The upcoming film, currently set for a December 16,

2022 release, will be the first of four sequels that Cameron has been ambitiously working on for years now. The final film in the action sci-fi

franchise will arrive in 2028, and for many, the scale of the Avatar series is so huge that it’s hard to even imagine just what’s going to be in store for audiences.

Back in 2009 when the first Avatar film arrived, it had been 12 years since Cameron had delivered a fictional feature film. His previous success

in this respect had come from Titanic,

a massive blockbuster that, while certainly a spectacular big screen experience for the time, was far removed from the heavy action of Cameron’s

previous blockbusters like Aliens and Terminator 2:

Judgement Day. So when Avatar arrived,

not only was it a return to form of sorts, but it also far surpassed people’s expectations, instantly setting an extremely high bar for the use of 3D technology that many tried but failed to match in subsequent years.


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